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The Kego (Fukuoka) Fault.

Cause of the Fukuoka Prefecture Western Offshore Earthquakes.
The Kego fault, previously regarded as relatively benign, is now believed to extend for 40km from just outside Hakata (Fukuoka) Bay down through the city, roughly parallel with the Nishitetsu Omuta railway line.

How strongly a given tremor is felt depends on its depth, type of tremor, where you are in Fukuoka, the storey you are on and the building type. (A tremor will do far more damage to an office on the 9th floor than it will to one on the 4th floor of the same building.)

Any tremor above a magnitude 3 will probably be felt clearly in most parts of the city. A magnitude 2 will probably be felt by people in higher floors of tall buildings. Smile - it's all part of the Japan experience! Or something....

(Apparently Fukuoka is built on extremely strong bedrock, so 'quakes are less damaging than an equivalent quake would be in Tokyo, for example.)

About this page.

This is an un-official, non-commercial webpage directly referencing images created by the Japanese government agency Hi-Net. All images are copyright Hi-Net.

It is intended for English speakers in Fukuoka who require up to date earthquake information about the Kego fault but who do not read Japanese or have Japanese fonts installed on their computers and who may therefore be unable to reference, and navigate through, Hi-Net directly. (Hi-Net does not currently provide this information in English.)

If you read Japanese, Hi-Net is an excellent resource. For more information in Japanese about the Kego fault and the March 20th earthquake, go here. More information in English can be found here. An eyewitness report of the March 'quake can be found here.

Note: The Japanese earthquake monitoring system is impressive, Hi-Net appears to be updated with location, magnitude, depth and other information about earthquakes anywhere in Japan within approximately 45 seconds of their happening.

All images copyright Hi-Net.

Last 24 hours of activity on the (Fukuoka) Kego Fault.

Last 7 days of activity on the Fukuoka (Kego) Fault.

Activity since the magnitude 7 tremor on the Fukuoka (Kego) fault, March 20th 2005.

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