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You are in: Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan. It is Wednesday 22nd January, 8:14am JST.
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Web Fukuoka City Guide
Himejima A tiny fishing village on a remote island off the Kyushu coast.
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Oshima Hiking island one hour east of the city accessible by train/bus
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Fukuoka's Shrines & Temples It ain't Kyoto we agree, but Fukuoka still has some breathtakingly beautiful shrines and temples. Click'n'pick...

Fukuoka Tower
8000 mirrors a go-go. "Tower, Tower on the shore, who is the trendiest city of all (or in-this-part-of-northern Kyushu at the very least...)"

Keya Cave Park
an hours drive from the city, along unspolit coastline, Keya provides beaches, a pleasant fishing village, walks and a sea cave.

Hirao Sansou Villa
Small traditional Japanese house in overgrown park close to city station

Hot Springs
Five hot springs within easy reach of city dwelling foreigners!
. more »
Sept 18th 2005

Hakata Lantern Festival
Paper lanterns light up the city.
See the gallery for pictures.
Oct 4th 2003

Fresh, fiesty Japanese blowfish - melts in your mouth and fills you with fear. Japanese meals to remember: No 1 more »

The Soul of Japanese nature aflame and fiery in this picture story. more »

A Day at the Sumo: Food, Fat and Frolics at the Kyushu Tournament.

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