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8-13, B1, Prince Building, Gion-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city.
Open:18:00 - 29:00
10% of bill (Courtyard), 1500yen (Club Donjon)
  English spoken
  O.K. local pk.

Jericho: The Courtyard / Club Donjon
Type: Live Music | Food | DJ ...  (Qjmp: 4013)

Restaurant / bar / club themed vaguely on a castle with DJ's and live shows.

restaurant Courtyard 

Review by Nick May

Jericho has two distinct areas catering to different pockets, ages and tastes.

"Restaurant Courtyard"
olde worlde 
Large, open restaurant floor in the centre but with lots of little alcoves, additional rooms and passages around the side for privacy and intimacy. Small stage/DJ area at the front. Lowish lighting but comfortable. The central area can be cleared for weekend dancing if appropriate. Menu is a mixture of styles but the food generally good and reasonably priced. A service charge of 10% is added to your bill.

Opening hours for Restaurant Courtyard: 6:00pm - 2:00am

night Knight 
"Club Donjon"
(As in "dungeon"). Walk through the courtyard to the doors guarded by the the two armoured knights. Inside is Club Donjon. On the left a longish bar, stage at the far end.
bar area 
Generally clubby atmosphere with comfortable seating. Entry fee is 1500yen/person. Range of artists planned.

Opening hours for Club Donjon: 8:00pm - 5:00am

Menu is in Japanese only (katakana) but the Japanese staff are all young and
club and stage 
enthusiastic and make an effort to speak basic English. The manager (James Bradford) is English and the entertainment manager (the well known Harvey!) American, with at least one other foreign English speaking waiter. Language will not be a problem, though you may struggle with the menu.

If you are a visitor to Fukuoka and want a safe, pleasant environment, possibly with entertainment, this place is not far from most central hotels. Its slightly surreal mixture of styles is, in fact, very much "authentically modern Japanese" (although if you are looking for "picture book Japan" this is not it).

For residents, a welcome addition to the bar/club scene.

Immediately behind Canal City. Look for a tall, brightly lit karaoke building called "Sound Village". It is in the basement.

10 min from Nakasu-kawabata st'n on foot.

(Kagoshima line)
10 min from Hakata st'n on foot.

from Canal City b'stop

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First published Tue Jul 10, 2001
    Updated Fri Jul 27, 2001

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