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3-11 Bayhill Court 1F Nishi Nakasu
Open:21:00 - 06:00

Kuro Neko
Type: Stumble into | Intimate | Food  (Qjmp: 4022)

Tiny "stools & counter" bar in Nakasu snackland.

Information by Nick May

"Kuro Neko" means "Black Cat" - and this is a great little bar for any cat to stumble into after a long night on the prowl.

It's a single counter in a tiny room, so not a place for large groups.

The "master" is a very pleasant, long-haired, late 30-something musician called "Itchi" whose tastes in manga, Japanese chess and pachinko are much in evidence. The walls are crammed with shelves of video's of classic films and classic concerts and rows of cd's supplementing a fair amount of vinyl.

I recollect "The Clash" figuring strongly in my first visit - though it was 3am and we didn't leave until 6, with a smattering of Led Zeppelin. The clientele is eclectic with nary a salariman to be seen, though the occasional natto gaijin do drop by.

It's a reasonable place to go and what little indie concerts are coming up and there are always numerous flyers for upcoming events pegged out.

Beer - from 600yen, as I recollect. Food is served until late/early. Beware, it isn't open every day and does not get going until after 9pm. It is NOT a place for large groups of drunken foreigners.

Some Japanese facility is advised.

Down Meiji Dori towards Nakasu. Turn right at the Silver Daido Building and head for Kokutai Dori. Just before Kokutai Dori on the right you will see a CITRIX credit card office on the left side. Turn left down the tiny street just after it, Kuro Neko is about 150metres down, on the right in a small arcade.

11 min from Nakasu-kawabata st'n on foot.

(Omuta line)
11 min from Tenjin st'n on foot.

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First published Sun Sep 29, 2002
    Updated Wed Aug 24, 2005

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