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Privacy Policy  (Qjmp: 22002)

If you add your address to our mailing list we will use it only for that list and we will not sell/give/exchange it to/with any other party. If you want to leave a comment, we ask for your e-mail address purely so that we can contact you if we need to in relation to that comment. If you use any of our email systems (to send yourself a link for example) we WILL log every environment variable we can lay our hands on - and share it with the competent authorities if the system is gravely misused.

We may set various cookies but we only use them on this site. Advertisers do not set cookies so nothing we may set would be useful if tracked offsite. We do not try and read cookies set by any other sites. Feel free to turn cookies off if you want - most things should still work.

Of course, what you REALLY need to be re-assured about in a privacy statement - any web-site privacy statement - is what most people don't think to ask: what happens to your email address and personal data if the company you gave it to goes under? In the remote and frankly unlikely circumstance of Cogito Ltd. biting the dust we would do our level best to make sure all such data ended up in bit heaven....

If we change this privacy policy in any significant way we will post a note on the front page of the site for at least 1 week before and two weeks after doing so.

Still worried? Lets us know why at:


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