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You are in: Fukuoka: Entertainment: Acros Fukuoka Symphony Hall

ACROS Fukuoka Bldg. 1F, 1-1-1 Tenijn, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka-ken


Acros Fukuoka Symphony Hall
Type: Concert Halls | Culture

Large well appointed concert hall.
Information by Nick May

A pretty decent symphony hall by any standards - large, airy, with comfortable seating, good acoustics and a spacious stage - generally a pleasant place to sit and listen to a concert.

The bar facilities - ah - the bar facilities are a trifle limited (one small bar for 1800 people...) but the Japanese are less inclined to guzzle alcohol at art events than thirtsy Brits - solemn sobriety is the order of the day - so it isn't as bad as it might appear. That said, you are advised to make your way to the ground floor (the bar lurks off in a corner and serves little but over-priced and decidedly third rate wine) - sharpish at the interval... That or take a discreet hip-flask. Which is probably against the rules, but discretion gets one a long way in Japan.

It has a regular programme of concerts - a mix of interesting stuff and the usual "star studded" classical "pops" to tempt the rich but undiscerning patrons that keep such places financially viable. It is decidedly proud of the number of famous musicians who have played there - how many gave a decent performance is another matter. (Famous but past-it dancers/musicians/actors trading on their name but going through the motions for what they take to be an undiscerning audience of hicks is not an unknown phenomenon in this fair city. If YOU have the misfortune to sit through such a "performance" do - please - BOO.)

It does stage the occasional opera - usually from Eastern European touring companies, it has to be said - but opera is such a rarity that I suppose we should be grateful for what we can get.

The acoustics in the "cheap seats" is not at all bad.

It is usually booked up well in advance though - so get onto the mailing list as soon as you get here and plan plan plan...

Capacity: 1870, or 1670 with pit. Disabled access/space for 4.

Prices: from 4000yen (20 pounds sterling / $40 US) up to about 15,000yen is fairly typical. Student concessionary tickets are often available for about 2000yen.

It's in the ACROS building in the centre of Tenjin. You can't miss the ACROS building - it dominates the Tenjin skyline. It is shaped like a stepped wedge with plants growing on the terraces.

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First published Tue Aug 29, 2000
    Updated Wed Aug 24, 2005

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