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Open:see the schedule.
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Himejima Island
  Free Parking

Himejima Island Ferry
Type: Dom. Ferry | Timetables

Local Ferry from Kishi (Shima-machi in Itoshima-gun) to Himejima Island.

Wolf in sheep's clothing.... 

Turn off Route 54 
Schedule April to Sept.
from Himejima to Kishi Port
7:00, 10:10, 15:00, 17:00

To Himejima from Kishi Port
7:50, 11:45, 16:00, 18:10

Schedule Oct to March
from Himejima to Kishi Port
7:00, 10:10, 14:00, 16:25

To Himejima from Kishi Port
7:50, 11:45, 15:40, 17:40

Journey time 16 minutes. Buy tickets on boat. Single adult ticket is 460yen, kids are 230yen.
Local temple. 
You should arrive 15 minutes before sailing. The ferry "terminal" is a pontoon directly opposite the turn off route 54 into Kishi Port. Free parking is on the left.

The ferry sails in waves up to 4metres. (!) It seats up to 97 passengers, there is a "kneeling" area for those who prefer to adopt the seiza position. The ferry is modern and clean. We recommend sitting in the open air at the back.

Do not be fooled by this ferry's demure and pedestrian look - it goes like the clappers and you could probably water-ski off the back....

Ferry departs from Kishi port. There is no bus and Kishi is about 8.5km from Maebaru station (on the Chikushi Line, a continuation of the subway).

By car: Take route 54 off route 202 west of Maebaru heading for Keya. Note: this is 202 proper, not the bypass. Do NOT take route 54 off route 202 at Imajuku, route 54 is a circular road and this will take you the long (albeit scenic) way round. Kishi is on one of the (many) ways to Keya. Once you are in the Shima-machi area, there are excellent bi-lingual signs to the major places of interest.

(Chikuhi line)
15 min from Chikuzen Maebaru st'n by car.

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First published Thu May 24, 2001
    Updated Sun May 27, 2001

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