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(How To:) Taxis
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A guide to taking a taxi.


Taking a Taxi

All taxi's are metered.
The minimum fare is 580yen.
Credit cards (if any) accepted will be indicated clearly on the rear window.
Taxis are well regulated and extremely safe.
Taxi drivers do not, in general, speak any English.
Small taxis can accomodate up to 4 passengers, medium and large taxis up to 5.
A 20% surcharge applies between 11:00pm and 05:00am

Recognizing a taxi.
Taxis are run buy number of companies, all with different liveries ranging from black to white via orange, yellow, pink red and green. That said, taxis are clearly recognizable a such. Look for the meter in the front passanger window. The vast majority of taxis are saloon cars running on propane gas to reduce pollution.

Knowing where you are going.
Before stopping a taxi, make sure you know where you are going and can explain clearly to the driver. Few roads have names and the postal address system is complex. For anything other than the major hotels or buildings make sure you can recite either a clear address or have an address written down to show the driver.

Stopping a taxi.
You can pick up a taxi either at a designanted taxi waiting area (around airport and major hotels), by telephoning them and asking them to pick you up or, more usually, on the street.

Taxis available for hire have an orange sign with white Japanese characters in the front window. Those unavailable have a green sign, or no sign.

Taxis will stop for you if you indicate clearly with a wave of your hand. Taxis are required to stop if requested, unless road conditions are such that stopping would be dangerous.

Getting in.
When the tax stops, the rear passanger door will open automatically. If you have a large amount of baggage your driver will assist you by putting it in the boot.

Tell the driver clearly where you wish to go. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLOSE THE DOOR - you will damage the automatic mechanism.

Smoking is usually allowed, 'though it is polite to ask, or at least to look in the ashtray for evidence of a previous smoker.

At your destination
At or near your destination indicate to the driver that you wish to stop. "Soko ga ii" is best but "STOP HERE PLEASE!" works fine too.

Paying and getting out
The fare will be clearly indicated on the metre. Pay. Only yen are accepted. Do not tip the driver. Do not attempt to leave by the driver's side passenger door without good reason.

Taxi drivers work 24 hour shifts. If your driver appears to be sleeping it is considered polite not to awaken him until you have reached your destination.

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First published Thu May 31, 2001
    Updated Sun Jun 03, 2001

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