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(Overview) Shinkansen
Type: Overviews | Shinkansen

An overview of Shinkansen ("Bullet train") services to Fukuoka (Hakata Station)

(Nozomi) "I'm... too sexy for this station..." 

Hakata Station (Fukuoka's main JR (Japan Railway) station) is the southern terminus for the Shinkansen "bullet train" (Sanyo line) and cities north to Tokyo. (For cities beyond Tokyo, change to the Tohoku Shinkansen line in Tokyo.)

For detailed timetable information and a list of station served by the Shinkansen, see "timetables" in the sidebar. The phonenumber we give is to the English language JR Information line.

There are three types of trains:

Kodama: - "stopping" services as far as Osaka ("Shin Osaka Station"). Tend to be older trains that stop at many stations.

Hikari: Standard long distance shinkansen used to Tokyo.

Nozomi: Biggest, baddest, fastest, most direct - will commonly stop at only six stations on the way to Tokyo.

Shinkansen or air, which is best?

By Shinkansen (fastest):
Fukuoka --> Tokyo: 4 hours 50 minutes
Fukuoka --> Osaka: 2 hours 20 minutes

By Air:
Fukuoka --> Tokyo (Haneda): 1 hours 45 minutes
Fukuoka --> Osaka (Itami): 1 hours 15 minutes

Discerning international residents who have business in Tokyo often maintain that "shinkansen is best" and claim the journey only works out an hour or so longer overall after factoring in airport check-in and the trip from Haneda airport into the centre of Tokyo. In terms of comfort the comparatively cramped conditions of aircraft compare unfavourably with the more spacious seating of Shinkansen. Since the Shinkansen journey is less "broken up" they can work or sleep for longer than they could on a noisy aeroplane. Think of the Shinkansen as being a high-speed glider... In terms of "how frazzled will I be at the end of it", we agree "Shinkansen is best". However, it is also rather more expensive.

Making a reservation:

You can make a reservation at any "Green Window" booking office or at most travel agencies.

Hakata station is on the subway line, has a highway bus station and is the terminus for many local buses.

1 min from Hakata Stat st'n on foot.

(Shinkansen line)
1 min from Hakata st'n on foot.

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First published Thu May 31, 2001
    Updated Sun Jun 03, 2001

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