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You are in: Fukuoka: Govt Offices: Legal Affairs Bureau

3-9-15 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
Open:9 to 5, Mon to Fri
Closed:Sat, Sun.

Legal Affairs Bureau
Type: Legal Affairs

Fukuoka Regional Legal Affairs Bureau

Legal Affairs Office, Maizuru 

Information by Staff

Legal Affairs Bureau ("Houmukyoku") handle land, business and commercial registration in addition to a wide range of other business.If you are setting up a company, a branch office, or registering any commercial entity here, you will have to deal with them. (If you want to register a patent or trademark checkout the "Toukyou-chou" in the sidebar.)

In general, ordinary citizens do NOT deal directly with the Legal Affairs Bureau for major matters as the paperwork can be arcane. (It is fair to say that the staff of the Bureau are busy and do not regard it as their duty to guide the clueless through the various procedures.) Instead most people go to a "Shihoushoshi" or, less commonly a lawyer, to prepare the paperwark and shepard it through the Bureau.

That said, it is perfectly possible to start a company without the services of a Shihoushoushi but we do not advise it as the amount saved is not really worth it unless you are REALLY poor. Life is simply to short...

Minor matters like changing a company name, address or articles of incorporation ARE perfectly within the grasp of the ordinary citizen, 'though, again, we do not advise non-Japanese speakers to attempt this without expert Japonese translation. (In addition, the more personable your translator the better, we have found.)

All dealings with the Legal Affairs Bureau are paid for in revenue stamps. At the Fukuoka Bureau these are purchased at a tiny, non-descript window in a grubby building across the road - the kind of little window that makes one feel one is taking part in a furtive, if not downright illegal, transaction.

There is a small shop at the Bureau selling food, fags and assorted other goods. There is also a cafeteria.

When you know what you are doing, the Legal Affairs Bureau are fast and efficient - but they do prefer to deal with professionals.

Take a book. You "may be some time"...

By Subway is best. Come out of Akasaka station and wolk towards the sea. After you cross Show Dori and are heading for Nanotsu Dori, take a left turn. It is signposted in English. It is just past the fire station.

7 min from Akasaka st'n on foot.

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First published Thu Aug 31, 2000
    Updated Thu Mar 29, 2001

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