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Fukuoka Bars

Cover charge:
Some bars have a cover charge - particularly on a Friday or Saturday or if they have live music or a DJ. This may be a charge additional to your drink, and is levied per person, or it may be an "entrance fee" that includes a drink. Check first.

If the bar does not give the impression of welcoming foreigners, it is usually advisable not to push things. Quite often Japanese who do not have the right introduction would not try to get in. They may also be very expensive. If you do push it and they call the police, you can expect a severe ticking off and a lecture on "democracy". Bars are not compelled to admit "trouble makers" - and demanding to be let in is usually considered sufficient evidence of your "trouble maker" potential. That said, some bars that have a "no foreigner" policy are happy to let you in if you go with Japanese friends. Such bars are few and far between, but are more common in Nakasu.

Some of bars do not welcome service-men up from the navy bases. If you have close cropped hair, you may have to show your gaijin card to get in.

If you want to dance:
In the Oyafuko/Nagahama area:
Try Dark Room, Voodoo Lounge, Kay's and One Way. Also checkout the Crazy Cock.

Paying: The Japanese system is that you sit at a table and order drinks and pay for them all at the end. In most of the bars run by foreigners, you buy from the bar and pay as you drink.


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