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Help for Visitors.  (Qjmp: 23004)

Welcome to Fukuoka!

You are probably going to be most interested in our "places to go", "getting around", "restaurants", "shopping", "hotels" and "survival" sections. You can access them by clicking the links in the left navigation bar.

At the bottom of most pages of each of the above sections (but not this one, or "survival") is a list of categories in that section. (For example, "Japan Experience", or "Gardens".) If you click on a category name it will give you a list of everything we have in that category.

If you come back to the site regularly (we hope you will!), click the "what's new" link in the navigation bar to see the new items that have been added.

Looking for things close to a subway station

You can also search this site by seeing what is in each locality or near each station. Searching by locality is probably not useful to you since you do not the city, but if you already have a hotel, it is a good idea to find out what subway or train station it is close to. You can do that by following the instructions in the "find Station/Locality" help document (see the menu at the bottom of this page)

When you know the station your hotel is closest to, you can then use the "By Area/Subway/Station" search bar at the bottom of most pages (but not this one) to look for things near that station.

"I have found a place to go I am interested in - can I see what restaurants are close by?"

Sure - the"By Area/Subway/Station:" search bars should have set to the approximate locality that place to go is in (sometimes this is very approximate!) Scroll the right hand pulldown up (to "restaurants"), leaving the right hand bar as it is. Then click on "go".

"I have found a place to go I am interestd in - can I see more about the locality it is in?"

Either click on the pulldown at the top right of the page or click the "see this localities" link (just above all the search section on each page).

(If this "help" document is unclear or confusing, please let us know at the contact address below.)


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