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Fukuoka on the cheap!  (Qjmp: 21004)

It needn't cost the earth.

Your biggest cost is getting here: coach is cheapest by land, see our "getting around" section for more details.

For getting around Japan, use a Japan Rail pass, this must be purchased in your home country and then authorised in Japan, but provides a fixed period of unlimited travel.

Expect to pay around 5000yen/night minimum for accommodation: that is as cheap as it gets. You will find a list in our "hotels" section. There is a Youth Hostel out in Dazaifu - fine if you want to see the Dazaifu area, but not necessarily costs effective if you use it as a base to see Fukuoka once you factor in the return train fare...

Eating Out:
Many places have a lunchtime set in the 600-800yen range. If you are really poor, shops in the "West Udon" chain will serve you a plate of steaming Udon for 350yen. Coffee ranges from 350yen to 1000yen, but is ??? yen at ???.

Getting around:
There are cheap one day subway passes: ???? for a days unlimited use.
Fukuoka is fairly compact, at a pinch you can walk around it. If you are going to be here for a while, invest in a second hand bicycle. The subway system is 180 - 250 yen a ride, depending on distance. Taxis start at 590 yen.

Places to Go:
Lots of places to go are either free or very cheap (a few hundred yen). See our "places to go" section for more details.

Convenience stores:
The following are guide prices to give you some indication of what you will pay;

Cola - 120yen a can
Milk - 130yen/litre.
Cornflakes: 190yen/180g
Sandwiches (2): 200yen
Tofu: 100yen.
Large bag of crisps: 130yen.
Beer: cheap but drinkable (500ml) - 199yen
Bento Box ( prepared lunch in a box to take out): from 400yen
Loaf of thick sliced, spongy bread: 170yen/6 slices
can of baked beans: 300yen.

Cheap Udon (noodles): from 350yen.
Indian set lunch: around 1000yen:
Japanese "set" lunch: from 600 - 1000yen.

When it is hot:
Most stores are air conditioned. Many free places to go are also air conditioned.

When it is cold:
As above, but heated...

Cheap furniture:
If you intend staing for a while, there is a noticeboard in Rainbow Plaza through which people leaving sell furniture and the necessities of daily life.

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