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Where Am I?  (Qjmp: 21002)

You are in Fukuoka, Japan. Fukuoka is a city of 1.3 million people in the north of the large, southern island of Kyushu.
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Fukuoka is sometimes also known as "Hakata" - the name of the 2000 year old merchant city that was amalgamated with the 400 year old castle town of Fukuoka in 1967 to form the modern city. Hakata Station is the city's main transport hub and is the southern terminus of the shinkansen ("bullet train") to Tokyo. For most purposes the two terms are synonymous.

Fukuoka is the 8th largest city in Japan. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with Hakata Bay on the 4th. (Where the famous "kamikaze", or "wind of god" destroyed the Mongol fleet 700-odd years ago.)
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The city is about 70 miles from Pusan in Korea and 550 miles from Tokyo. It has an International airport with direct flights to many world cities and is the dominant city in Kyushu.

It offers good food, good living, easy access to the countryside and sea and is usually in the top three of "Asiaweek's" annual roundup of best cities in which to live in Asia. It is internationalizing rapidly and is becoming something of an Asian cultural and economic hub.

For those wishing to explore the outer limits of sensory experience in all its many forms, Nakasu, the entertainment area, is nationally famous, though alas, not quite what it used to be...

In short, good communications, a great transport infrastructure, excellent conference facilities, fabulous food, open, friendly people and some of the most beautiful women on God's green earth. Who could wish for more?

Fukuoka is famous for:

Hakata Mentaiko: - spicy fish eggs.
Hakata Ningyou: Brightly painted porcelain dolls.
Hakata-ko: The beauty and passion of Hakata women is highly regarded in Japan.
Yatai: food stalls - tiny restaurants in the street....
Nakasu: business entertainment area

Street fashion: Friday and Saturday nights only, but some of it is fairly wild.

Dontaku: Large street parade over three days in May commemorating nobody is terribly sure what...

Yamagasa: nationally famous festival in which teams compete to race brightly coloured floats through the street. Unlike most such festivals, these races are SERIOUS and have, very occasionally, resulted in discreet honourable fisticuffs - which makes them far more fun to watch!

Asian Month: Culture/music/dance/food festival in which many countries in the region participate.

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