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Across the Bay  (Qjmp: 19029)

Beaches, spectacular views, vacation area

Information by Staff

Wagiro, Uminonakamichi, Saitozaki, Shikanoshima.

"Uminonakamichi" means "road in the middle of the sea". Stretching out like a finger in the Genkai sea, this narrow strip of land starts at Wagiro, in the east and touches Shikanoshima, which guards the mouth of Hakata bay, in the west. Shikanoshima was until not that long ago unconnected to the mainland. The story goes that one night a severe storm raised a narrow sandbank between the end of the peninsular and the island - on which a road was promptly built. Access to the area is by road, rail, bus or ferry (from Bayside Place.)

The area is a popular playground / day trip location with good beaches, spectacular views, a country parks, lots of places to ramble, a few hotels, some interesting places to visit and a few restaurants.

By ferry from Bayside Place is the most convenient method. There are ferries across the bay to Shikanoshima, Saitozaki and Uminonakamichi You can drive by going out to Kashii and following the signs for the Seaside Park. However the road between Kashii and Wagiro is notoriously congested. There is a train out to Saitozaki (in Uminonakamichi) - then you can take a bus to Shikanoshima itself. To fully appreciate Shikanoshima you need a car. In general, if you go at weekend or on a holiday we suggest the ferry - on weekdays a car gives you more flexibility.

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First published Tue Sep 05, 2000
    Updated Sun Jul 01, 2001

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