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 Localities Map

It's not here!
All items on this site are stored by their exact Zip code, Ku and Chome. You can already search by Ku if you want, you will soon be able to search by chome - in all 453 of them. If you are not already very familiar with the city, that isn't very useful...

So in addition you can also search by a handful of "localities". These were selected for their usefulness and brevity rather than geographical accuracy. We believe they will be generally comprehensible to newcomers and long term residents alike and they probably fit the vague geographical map many expats have of the city.

So if your bar is in Maizuru rather than Tenjin, you will find it in Mazuru if you search by chome, but "Maizuru/Oyafuko" if you search by locality. Since the whole central area is often referred to casually as "Tenjin", it will also be pulled up if you search on "Downtown/Tenjin" - along with bars in Daimyo, Imaizumi, Watanabe and Nagahama.

Anything in the South West of the city (where there is probably not much to interest the average foreigner) is tagged as being "near Fukudai" (Fukuoka University) - which is how many people think of it anyway.

If you can't find what you are looking for in a particular locality, broaden your search or look in an adjacent locality.

"Localities" are just a tool. We hope they help you find what you are looking for.

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First published Fri Aug 18, 2000
    Updated Fri Jun 29, 2001

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