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You are in: Fukuoka: Localities: Kashii and Far East Fukuoka.

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Kashii and Far East Fukuoka.  (Qjmp: 19028)

Old residential and business area on the East edge of the city.

Information by Staff

Kashii is a place many people drive through rather than stopping in to investigate. It's a lively area with a lot of charm.

Around the station
Lots of little shops and eating places. There are actually two stations, one being an above ground continuation of the Nishitetsu subway line but the JR station is the larger one. There is a small but charming covered market area and lots of little winding streets. If you are looking for a friendly English speaking face, check out the King's Head, a foreign owned bar in the area.

Kashii shrine
Although not as famous as other shrines in Fukuoka, Kashii shrine is one of the most pleasant to visit. Check out the link in "places to go" above. Car access to it is down a pleasantly leafy road quite unlike the area around the station.

By car
If you come by car, turn left off the main road and investigate the coastal area which is the east side of Hakata bay. This is rerely visited now, but is, or rather was, a long pebbly beach and mud flats with a large wildlife population, particularly of ducks. it is now home to the just-started Wagiro Island complex, an artifical island that will dominate the eastern portion of Hakata bay. This has been controversial as environmentalists claim that it has caused great damage to a rare eco-system.

Other things in the area are some gardens and the Kashii funfair.

Beyond Kashii

For information about Uninonakamichi, Shikanoshima and Wagiro, check out the "Across the bay" information in the Localities pulldown.

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First published Mon Sep 04, 2000
    Updated Sun Jul 01, 2001

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