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Meinohama and West  (Qjmp: 19012)

Dormitory area close to sea with good access to west of city.

Information by Staff

Within easy striking distance of the city on the subway line, Meinohama is on the west edge of Fukuoka.

It 's not the most pre-possessing of locations and lacks a clearly defined centre, being mainly a junction and a railway station, though it is within striking distance (25 minutes walk) of Odo Park if you are feeling energetic. It has a plethora of places-of-temporary repose for the VERY energetic...

Although there is no major reason to visit it for itself, you may find yourself passing through or killing time here. It is also the location of the Nishi-ku ward office, so if you live in Nishi ward this is where you will have to register for your gaijin card and when you get a new visa.

It is "close to" the ferryport for Noko (take a bus from in front of the station) and is on the subway line (the subway emerges here and becomes a JR train bound for Karatsu.) The area behind the station is undergoing a great deal of redevelopment currently, with large shopping centres and other buildings springing up. It will also soon have an expressway access, making it far more easily accessible by car than is allowed by route 202. Some parts of Meinohama, particularly around the small market area, still retain a degree of charm.

Meinohama is a throroughly pleasant place to live. On the western edge of Hakata bay, the air is generally clean.

Beaches and countryside are not too far away, with the bright lights of Tenjin a short subway ride.

Take the subway from Tenjin.

By car, take route 202 heading west. Late 2000 it will be connected to the city expressway.

1 min from Meinohama st'n on foot.

from Meinohama b'stop

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    Updated Sun Jul 01, 2001

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