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Momochi  (Qjmp: 19011)

Hi-Tech Science Park and Recreation Area.

Momochi from Atago Shrine 

In the west of the city, Momochi is built entirely on recently reclaimed land. Its most spectacular features are Fukuoka Tower, the "Dome" (home of Daiei Hawks baseball team) and the Sea Hawk hotel. It also contains a Science Park with associated major electronics companies, a large public library with film archive, Fukuoka City Museum, a strip of artificial beach and the Hyatt Residential Suite for semi short term residents. The International school is located here, along with a couple of Medical Centres. A brace of TV stations round out the package. It is also the current terminus point of the Fukuoka City expressway so it is within only a few minutes of large parts of the city. There are also several housing developments/towers - for Fukuoka's better off residents, served by a large supermarket / delicatessen and many other shops. It serves as Fukuoka's skyline and appears on many tourist shots of the city. (Check out the Atago shrine link in the sidebar.)

It is a pleasant enough area, if a little "shiny". In 10 years time it will have acquired a little more character. At weekend the beach gets a little crowded. There are good views of almost everywhere from the top of the tower, and the local seahawk hotel top floor restaurant offers spectacular views over the city and Tower, which is floodlit at night. Check out the "places to go" sections above for more information.

The Gas exhibition centre is good value - especially if you have kids though fun for adults too. Momochi beach gets pretty packed in summer - as does 'Maruzon" a small pavilion-in-the sea that is perhaps a little nicer to look at from afar than to actually be in.

There are pleasant views of the Tower and Museum from the landward side. In front of the library entrance are some Indonesian and Thai temple objects and a small free carpark. Parking is available at Momochi, but it is not cheap so go by subway if you can (get out at Nishijin and walk down.

The Dome, of course, dominates the skyline with the Tower and Sea-Hawk. It is/was the second largest "opening" dome in the world - it is home to Daiei Hawks baseball team and has hosted numerous large pop concerts. There was talk of a second Dome being built for exhibitions hence the occasionally seen moniker 'two Dome city" for Fukuoka, but good sense appears to have prevailed and it has not yet been built. Follow the links generated by the pulldown menu for more details

One wee pointette we feel we ought to mention is that in the event of an earthquake, the reclaimed land on which Momochi is built will liquify, leaving it stranded in a sea of mud.

....Safely stranded.... Probably.....Until the tsunami hits...

Momochi expressway exit, or up Showa dori and turn left at Nishijin. Well served by buses from Tenjin.

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First published Sat Sep 02, 2000
    Updated Sun Jul 01, 2001

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