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Naughty Nakasu

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Bayside Place Area

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Nakasu  (Qjmp: 19020)

Nice Nakasu and Naughty Nakasu : Shopping and entertainment area just east of Tenjin.

Looking down the Naka River 

Nakasu is situated on a sandbank in the Naka river. It was the old "entertainment district" between the Samurai town of Fukuoka and the merchant town of Hakata.

For visitors there are basically two Nakasu's, "Nice Nakasu" around the subway station and Riverain, and "Naughty Nakasu", for more of which see sidebar...

"Nice Nakasu"

Riverain/ Riversite : Nakasu Kawabata

Riverain is a large, recently opened development. It is a kind of "Canal City" for the tasteful and rich - a city funded development with lots of expensive shops, a "Kabuki and Theatre" theatre and various other toys for the affluent including a "Trader Vic's" and "Louis Vuitton". There is also an "Asian Art Museum" featuring a large collection of artwork from all over asia. It's a good place to while away a day, with a morning in the Art Museum, lunch in one of the restaurants followed by a lazy wander around the shops.

There are a number of restaurants in the complex worth a visit , including Hiramatsu, Kiicyou, a good Indian restaurant, a wine shop and various others. For more details, see our "shopping", "places to go" and "restaurant" links above.

The development also includes the "Okura Hotel".

Nakasu Kawabata
Riverain isn't on the Nakasu sandbank itself , so walk back up Meiji dori towards Tenjin and cross the bridge to the entrance of Nakasu-kawabata shopping arcade, a group of cinemas and hotels and a variety of places that boggle the imagination.

This is a fun area with lots of life and colour. Walk across the sandbank towards Tenjin and turn left just before the bridge to enter tiny Central park - essentially a wide bridge and little patch of garden, often with buskers and musicians. There is a traditional "western" house here that used to be the Prefectural Hall. For a list of places to visit, places to eat and so on, see the pulldown above.

The Kawabata shopping arcade
Stretching south down the Naka river is a long, old fashioned covered shopping area with a range of shops selling more traditional Japanese goods. It has a quaint charm and is a good place to pick up "Japan-esque" souveniers for the folks back home...

Or wander along the riverside (it's tidal - and sometimes just a mudbank) down to the Canal City complex.

From Nakasu you can walk up the sandbank to the Bayside place area, go west to Tenjin, south to Canal City or east to Chiyo or Hakata station....

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First published Fri Aug 25, 2000
    Updated Sun Jul 01, 2001

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