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Nishi Park/Hamanohama/Minato  (Qjmp: 19009)

Dusk over the port. 

Information by Staff

Nishi Koen, Hamanohama - Central Docks


This bustling area is a harbour, marina and dockyards and is the main central harbour for Fukuoka.
Squid Boat 
It has thankfully largely escaped the kind of charm-draining development that Bayside Place and Momochi have undergone. Squid boats still dock here close to a bustling fish market (mornings) - there is a dockyard area, some cafes and bars. It seems largely unknown to and unfrequented by the average Fukuokan, but if you have time and want a stroll by the water it is well worth a visit. A vast, bright orange Love Hotel called "Chapel Coconut" overlooks the area - charmingly tasteless, and very - "orange"....
looking across the harbour towards the Arae Bridge 

Nishi Koen

Forming the left side of the harbour, the small hill which makes up Nishi-koen (West Park) was until just after the war an island just offshore in Hakata bay. Since then extensive land reclamation has encircled it. Nishi Koen is a favourite area or Cherry Blossom viewing in late April and offers good views of the city and out over the bay. For more information, see the sidebar.

It is a pleasant place to live as it is within easy cycling distance of Tenjin, and not far from the subway line (nearest station, Ohori koen.)

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First published Sat Sep 02, 2000
    Updated Sun Jul 01, 2001

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