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202 Bypass - Befu, Arae, Hara etc  (Qjmp: 19031)

Major road west passing through Befu, Yuminobaba, Arae, Hara, Aoki etc...

Head west out of the city towards Karatsu along the 202 bypass and you go through a number of areas of no specific interest except to those who live there. However, it is a major city artery, providing the best route west out of the city. There are scattered restaurants, bars, shops and places to go that may be of interest to visitors.

Befu is parallel to Ohori, but further inland. It features heavily on traffic reports. Hara is approximately parallel to Momochi and has a couple of large computers stores. Check out the pulldown above for more information. An extension to the subway line is being installed, until it is in public transport is by bus only, which makes this a little inconvenient for those without a car.

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First published Tue Sep 05, 2000
    Updated Sun Jul 01, 2001

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