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2-7-1, Atago, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-shi
  Free Parking

Atago Shrine
Type: Temples/Shrines | Towers/Views  (Qjmp: 7002)

Shrine on hill with magnificent views

Main shrine building 

Information by Staff

There are wonderful views over the west of the city and Hakata bay from this charming little shrine perched on the top of a hill. The area behind the shrine is also worth investigating - follow the road round.

Momochihama and Hakata Bay from Atago Shrine. 

The shrine is dedicated to the "God of Wishes" and is widely visited by people wanting a profitable future. However, the sea used to come up to the base of the hill on which the shrine is built and entirely unofficially many Fukuoka people regard it as having some association with the god of pirates...

The night view, in particular, is marvelous...

We recommend it in particular to young men with piracy in their hearts, a plank, a young lady's virtue and a determination that the latter should walk the former...

Climb through the straw hoop for luck..... 

In the heart of the city, a colony of storks sits in the shade after a morning of feeding in the nearby bay. 

Wonderful sunsets...

Best approached by car. On the coast road between Momochi and Meinihama. It's on the left, on the hill - you can drive right up and park in the free car park.

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First published Tue Jul 11, 2000
    Updated Mon Jun 18, 2001

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