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(Guides:) Fukuoka For Visitors.
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Quick guide to Fukuoka for visitors.
Before you read further we suggest you locate the closest subway or train station to your accommodation and its approximate locality. Find out how here .

Fukuoka is quite compact and if you are REALLY on a budget but are prepared to walk, you can see a representative smattering of sights on foot. However in the heat and humidity of summer we think this a little masochistic since most of the interesting things within Fukuoka are within easy walking distance of subway or train stations. The most cost effective way for a group is probably to buy a one day travel pass giving you access to the subway system, and that is what we recommend.

Note that many of the islands can also be visited using public transport.

Keya Cave Park 
If it is countryside you are interested in, you should look into hiring a car as there are many pleasant drives outside the city. (We will post details shortly about how to do this.)

Q1) I want to see a lot of Temples and Shrines, I do not have much time.

A1) We suggest the complex of temples in Gion, not far from Hakata station. Check out the entries for Shofukuji and Tochoji Temple. Kushida shrine is within walking distance of the centre of the city. If you want to make a day of it, take the train out to Dazaifu Shrine and make sure you explore the surrounding area as there is a lot to see that your Japanese hosts will probably NOT take you to.

Q2) I want to see a little Japanese fishing village.

A2) Take the ferry from Bayside place to Shikanoshima Island. Journey time is about 15 minutes. From there you can catch a bus around the island if you wish. You can also got to Nokonoshima island, but that requires a subway ride, a bus ride and then a short ferry trip.

Ohori Garden 
Q3) I want to experience a Japanese garden.

A3) The Japanese garden in Ohori Park is about 20 minutes walk from Tenjin (a few minutes on the subway), the raksuien is within walking distance of Hakata Station. Both are inexpensive.

Q4) I want to experience the tea ceremony.

A4) Mmm - we would rather experience slow seppuku than undergo another tea ceremony, but for those inclined, the Rakusuin offers "Tea Ceremony".

Q5) I want to see some parks.

A5) Ohori park is a modern park with a Chinese theme, with the castle grounds, Japanese garden and Gokoku shrine close by.

Q6) I want to see a little Japanese market/shops.

A6)There is one in Nishijin, selling mainly food and another in Yoshizuka. The Kawabata Shotengai (covered shopping area) also has its charms/

Q7) I want to see Hakata Dolls being made.

A7) "Hakata Doll Biken Kogeisya".

Q8) I want to see some Modern Architecture

A8) Acros building, Fukuoka Dome, Seahawk Hotel and Canal City.

For a suggested "one day tour" see our "I'm here for a day" link.

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First published Wed Jun 27, 2001
    Updated Thu Jun 28, 2001

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One day tour of city using the subway (underground railway).
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Quick guide to Fukuoka for visitors.
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