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2-3-26 Momochihama, Sawara ku, Fukuoka.
Open:Opens 9:30, closes 22:00 Apr to Sep., 21:00 Oct to Mar.
Closed:2nd Tue and Wed of June and December.
800yen adults, 500yen kids, 200yen pre-school


Fukuoka Tower
Type: Towers/Views  (Qjmp: 7017)

Tallest Coastal Tower in Japan: together with Fukuoka Dome and Seahawk hotel it provides the city with a skyline

Careful! 8000 mirrors is 56000 years bad luck.., 

Review by F.E Calmatos

What are Towers FOR?

Well, every city needs a skyline - or something to put on its brochures at least. For $60,000,000 Fukuoka Tower, pleasingly juxtaposed with the
Glass Tower 
Dome and Sea Hawk Hotel, provides just that. As far as we can tell it has no function other than the usual television mast duties - but it can be seen from most parts of the city and provides a focal point on the west for the eye marking the edge of the land and the beginning of the bay. It is lit at night, often with a particular theme.

Viewed across the lake of Ohori park with the moon hanging limpidly behind it looks quite meltingly beautiful and even this old cynic's heart becomes just a little less stoney...

8000 half mirrors wrapped around a 234 metre high structure. The observation deck is at 123 metres and there is a cafe/lounge just below it.

It is claimed to be able to withstand a magnitude 7 earthquake (Japanese scale) and wind of up to 135 miles/hour.
Skyline from Atago 
Built on reclaimed land, it weighs in at 3000 tons above ground and 25,000 tons below. It offers 360 degree views of the city and Hakata bay - the site of the famous "Kami-Kaze" ("wind of the gods") that saved Japan from the Mongol hordes. It is now a "symbol of the city" - we leave you to ponder exactly what a structure built entirely of mirrors says about Fukuoka's conception of its role in the world.

But that's enough statistics.

The Tower gives the permanent impression of trying to stand on tippy toes, as thought it wants to be bigger so it's hard not to be just a LITTLE cynical. So, given that the answer to our original question is "for psychoanalysing of course!", NOW lets consider why all cities build tall towers at a certain point in their development, with special reference to the theories of Dr Freud...

(No - let's not, Editor).

Doll Museum at foot of Tower - joint ticket available.

Entrance closes 30 min before Tower closes.

On west coast of city, many buses go to the general area (or to the Dome, at least). By car, up Showa dori and turn right at Nishijin.

20 min from Nishijin st'n on foot.

from Tenjin Bus Centre Mae b'stop

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First published Thu Aug 24, 2000
    Updated Tue Sep 20, 2005

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