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Higashi Park
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Higashi Koen (park)
Type: City Parks | Culture/History  (Qjmp: 7025)

1242 Mongol attack main battlefield, now a landscaped park in front of the Prefectural Offices.

Ancient battleground. 

Information by Staff

One of the main battlefields of the 1274 Mongol attack on Kyushu,
Ex-Emperor Kameyama 
Higashi (East) Park is the site of the Toka Ebisu Shrine (dedicated to the god of wrath, Ebisu) and a bronze statue of the Emperor Kameyama.

The inscription at the base of the statue says:

"This bronze statue was erected here in 1904 after long and great efforts over more than 17 years by takeo Yuchi, The head of Fukuoka prefectural police, to commemorate Ex-Emperor Kameyama's attempts to save the country from the Mongolian invasion in the late 13th century by praying to Ise Shrine.

The statue in traditional "ikan-sokutai" clothes stands about 4.8 metres. Choun Yamasaki, a local born sculptor and a disciple of Koun Takamura made the original model of this statue, which is one of his most important works.

The characters "Enemy Surrender," inscribed on the pedestal were written by his Imperial Highness Prince Arisugawa Taruhito, the first governer of Fukuoka Prefecture."

At one corner of the park is the Historical Hall of the Mongolian Invasion which has various artifacts of interest. On the other side of the park is a large bronze buddhist statue adjacent to a shrine.

Another view across the park 
This is a smallish park but a pleasant afternoon's wander around the various sights to see.

Next to the park is a the Prefectural Office for Fukuoka and the Prefectural Police Headquarters.

Best way from Tenjin is on the subway, get off at Chiyokencho-guchi on the Kaizuka line. Leave the station at exit 6 and keep going, with the road on your left. Take the first right and you will see the park. If you come from hakata, you can take the JR Sasaguri line to Yoshizuka. The park entrance is pretty much opposite the station.

5 min from Chiyo-kencho-guchi st'n on foot.

(Sasaguri line)
5 min from Yoshizuka st'n on foot.

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First published Mon Aug 07, 2000
    Updated Mon Jun 18, 2001

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