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16-1 Kashii 4 chome, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-city
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Hakozaki Shrine
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Kashii Shrine
Type: Temples/Shrines  (Qjmp: 7029)

Tranquil shrine with 1200 years of history.

Entrance to main shrine building 

In terms of "spectacle" it is not the most impressive of Fukuoka shrines - but it is definitely one of the most pleasant places to just "be". Turn off the hot concrete bustle of route 1 and you are immediately away from the hustle of the city. Pull in to the large carpark and slowly unwind.
Main Entrance 
In the forecourt is a large natural pond surrounded by trees; turtles bob in the water or laze in the sun.

Walk through the large wooden gates into the main forecourt. There is a wonderful old tree here, gnarled and scarred that it is impossible to walk past without photographing. The style of architecture here is quite unlike other of Fukuoka's shrines.

Kashii port had been a competitor to Hakata port and eclipsed it after the Korokan
... contemplating tree of life... 
(the ancient guest house in Fukuoka) declined in the 12th century. During the 13th century, the Ottomo family of Bungo used the pretext of the Mongol invasion to rein in the Kashii district.

The shrine is dedicated to the God Sumiyoshi and the Emperors Chuai and Ojin and to the Empress Jingu.

Kashi shrine is not a "must visit" place for the short term visitor, but if you are a resident it is a wonderful place to wander for an hour.

During the Kyushu Basho, a sumo beya can be seen encamped in the shrine grounds.

Turn left off Route 1 near Daiei in Kashii. The shrine is on the left, half a mile up. there is a large, free car park. By train get off ay Kashiimiyamae on the Miyajidake line.

(Miyajidake line)
5 min from Kashiimiyamae st'n on foot.

(#23 from Tenjin)
3 min from Kashiigu-mae b'stop on foot.

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First published Fri Aug 04, 2000
    Updated Mon Jun 18, 2001

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