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Keya Cave

Keya Oto Park
Type: Country Jaunts | City Parks  (Qjmp: 7034)

Walk along Keya point through woodland to viewing platform and beyond...

Looking down into the smaller cave area.. 

We should start by saying that the photos above and to the right were taken by walking past the skeleton of a sign that probably once said "Danger - Impassable".
Small cave opening. 
If it didn't say that, it should have done. You cannot see either feature without some scrambling near sheer drops and they are rather beyond the end of the path. BE CAREFUL! - particularly in the wet, and watch out for the tide. Don't take young kids this far. The small cave in particular is very shallow.

But you don't have to do any scrambling to enjoy the main part of this small park. Keya Oto Park (Oto means "cave") does not actually contain the large cave after which it is named - or rather it does, the cave is in the headland, but it is very definitely accessible only by sea. (For more information on the main cave and how to get to it, see the "Keya Cave" link in the sidebar.) But you can walk up the headland through woods, with occasional glimpses of the surrounding coast until you finally get to the quite impressive final knob in which the main cave is situated.
Keya headland around which the park is based. 
There is a viewing platform close to the top and the path is wide and good - it is about a third of a mile each way. On the left you can see down the coast to Himejima Island (see sidebar for more information) and to the right, back down the coast along the Nigi-no-hama beach and ultimately to Hakata bay and Fukuoka city. Note that if you walk through woodland the day after heavy rain, you should keep an eye out for snakes, 'though none we saw were poisonous or over a metre long. (Snakes tend to skadadle at high speed into the undergrowth unless you actually stand on them and are far more afraid of you then you of they.)

While by itself the park is possibly not worth the trip from Fukuoka it is of interest if you are in the Keya village area or want a break from the beach.

We were also thoroughly intrigued by this genuine sumo practice area not far from the car park.

I AM the king of the castle and you ARE dirty rascals... 

.... and a small country shrine ....
Small shrine in park. 

There is a small eating place and toilets near the large car park.

By Car: Instructions as for getting to Keya Vlillage, but don't turn left at the red conveneince store - instead go straight on half a mile.

By Bus: From Hakata Bus Station.

(Chikuhi line)
30 min from Chikuzen Maebaru st'n by car.

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First published Thu May 24, 2001
    Updated Mon Jun 18, 2001

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