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(Guide:) One Day Tour
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One day tour of city using the subway (underground railway).
If you are here for just a day or so, we suggest you use our "By Area/Subway/Station: search facility (at the base of each page) to look for places to go around the subway station nearest your hotel.

Before you read further we suggest you locate the closest subway or train station to your accommodation and its approximate locality. Find out how here .

For an ultra quick tour, we suggest:

Kushida Shrine 
1) Nakasu Area (Take the subway to Nakasu Kawabata.)
Visit Asian Art Museum (Skip if short of time)
Visit Kushida Shrine (interesting shrine)
Visit Nakasu Kawabata (long covered street of traditional shops).
Visit Canal City. (shops/modern architecture)

(Back to subway and off to Akasaka Subway station.)

2) Akasaka/Ohori.
Leave Akasaka station by exit 1 and walk along the moat.
Turn left into Maizuru Park and wander around the
castle grounds
Climb up the the viewing platform at the top of the castle grounds. Looking west, you will see a large lake.
Tamon Gate 
That is Ohori Park, where you are ultimately heading. Head out of the castle grounds towards the lake. At the road, turn left and walk along what is left of the castle walls to the small pool at the end.
Cross the road in front of you and look for a large wooden gate into Gokoku Shrine .

Come out of the shrine and turn left. Follow the large road until you get to the NHK building. Then cross the road, and follow the signs for the Art Museum .
You will find yourself coming into Ohori Park (Chinese Theme). As you get into the park, look on your left for a little set of wooden gates.
They lead to an interesting little Japanese Garden (pay). After you have been in the garden, wander around the park. Then back to the subway station (Ohori Park subway station is on the north side)

If you still have time....

3) Momochi Area
Take the Subway to Nishijin station and walk 15 minutes down to
Momochi :

There you can visit:
Fukuoka Tower (pay - views of city)
Beach and Bay Beach and Bay.
Fukuoka City Museum
The Dome and Seahawk hotel. (Modern architecture/top floor restaurant has good views)

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First published Wed Jun 27, 2001
    Updated Wed Apr 30, 2003

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Guides: Places

One day tour of city using the subway (underground railway).
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Quick guide to Fukuoka for visitors.
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