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Oshima island
Type: Islands | Short Trips | Beaches

Oshima is definitely a walkers island and you could easily spend a weekend there enjoying some spectacular coastal views.
Information by Nick May

But even for the lazy there is enough to do within 600 metres of the ferry port to occupy most of a day. The islanders are VERY friendly, everyone we met stopped to sympathize about the heat and ask if we were alright. Even the many little oba-chan who whizzed around without helmets on old scooters at high speed gave us cheery waves.

In a dark old general store that seemed to sell everything and smelled delicious, we were told that on that day the island was "crowded with foreigners! - FIVE PEOPLE!" ("Hope we don't meet the other 3!" we thought.)

We recommend: eat at the ferryport in the restaurant above the booking office. (There are various little fish restaurants, but most were closed in mid-September) Grab an "Oshima Joy Map" (In Japanese, but useful) from the booking office as it has places to see and walking routes with distances marked.

Out of the ferry port and turn left to the shrine. It is picture-postcard lovely and the kind of thing most foreigners came to Japan to see. Then turn back and walk through the town, wandering up the mysterious little side streets as the fancy takes you. After 400 metres you will come to the (only) swimming beach, complete with picturesque shrine/island.

If you are feeling more active there is a modern style but attactive onsen in the middle of the island, a windmill, a lighthouse and another little temple - see the "Joy Map"

We loved the PEACEFULNESS of Oshima and the "olde worlde" charm. You could spend a weekend there if you enjoy walking and it is an excellent "day trip".

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First published Wed Oct 01, 2003
    Updated Wed Oct 01, 2003

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