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Futamigaura Beach
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Sakurai Shrine
Type: Temples/Shrines  (Qjmp: 7056)

Outside Fukuoka: Woodland shrine in Shima-machi dating from 1610

Bridge over carp pond on path to shrine. 

main building 
We do not know much about this shrine other than that it dates from 1610, but it is a VERY pleasant and spacious place set in woodland not far from Futamigaura beach. (That's a 40 minute car drive west out of the city)

Our abiding impressions are of peace, greenery and a VERY photogenic little bridge over
main shrine entrance 
a carp pond containing numerous fish and turtles. Beyond the bridge is a long, sweeping shrine entry path leading to a rather fine shrine gateway building of which a poor representation can be seen on the left. If you are in the area, we do recommend you stop by as there is a special atmosphere here...

Off route 54 close to Futamigaura. The shrine is well signposted and there is free parking

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First published Thu May 24, 2001
    Updated Tue Aug 23, 2005
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