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Yakuin 1-1-1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka.
Open:10:30 - 08:00 (desk until 02:00).
1700yen for Junior High School students and above. Members wkdy 1000yen, wknd 1500yen.

Shiroyama Onsen
Type: Hot Springs | Japan Experience

Impressive natural hot spring close to the centre of Fukuoka.

Information by Nick May

Shiroyama no yu is a large, new city onsen close to Yakuin station in the center of Fukuoka. It is a "real" hot spring, 100% naturally hot water from a borehole over a mile (2000 metres) deep. It has several spacious indoor pools and two sauna rooms, massage rooms and so on, but what makes it particularly enjoyable is the large, naturally themed rotenburo pools (outside pools) facing a huge, spectacular waterfall. The waterfall not only creates a relaxing mood, it is surprisingly effective at hiding the sound of the city and nearby railway lines while putting negative ions in the air. Close your eyes and it is hard to believe that you are not in a country onsen surrounded by nature.

The main entry hall and restaurant are well executed, with acres of polished wood and subdued lighting. There is also a natural food shop and VIP room. Overall it "feels" like an onsen. It is not cheap (see price list above) but it does give value for money we think as it delivers the "onsen experience" without the cost of travelling to distant parts.


From Tenjin, take the Nishitetsu Omuta line one stop to Yakuin Station. From Hakata, take any bus goes past Yakuin station (most that go up the ropponmatsu do). The Onsen is about 50 metres from the station on the same side as a MacDonalds, opposite a petrol station.

(Omuta line)
Yakuin st'n

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First published Mon Nov 10, 2003
    Updated Tue Sep 20, 2005

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