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Nagahama 1-5-55, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Open:08:00-03:00 Wkdy. Wknd/Hol 08:00-06:00
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Yu no Hana
Type: Hot Springs | Japan Experience

Clean, cheap, accessible onsen fun close to the centre of the city.

Information by Nick May

Yu no Hana Onsen is conveniently located in Nagahama, close to Tenjin, the main shopping center of the city. It is clean, modern and offers a range of pools to suit all tastes - some of them are pictured below.

Yu no Hana is set on two floors, men and women swap floors every day so you can experience both sides. There is of course a sauna and bubble bath. There is a restaurant downstairs.

All in all clean, cheap (at just 700yen) onsen fun and a firm favourite with foreign residents.

The outside pools are around a pleasant courtyard.

Some outside pools are in the traditional country onsen style.

We particularly liked the little tubs in which you can sit and soak alone.

(last entry is 30 minutes before onsen closes)

Go down Oyafuko Dori to Nanotsu Dori. Cross Nanotsu Dori and turn left so you are walking up Nanotsu Dori out of the city. Walk about 100 metres. Look out on your right for a wooden restaurant in the shape of a boat. When you see it, turn off Nanotsu Dori, and walk past the restaurant. The onsen is a wooden building behind it.

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First published Mon Nov 10, 2003
    Updated Mon Nov 10, 2003

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