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You are in: Fukuoka: Restaurants: Buki-cho

Shodai 1-2-7, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka
Open:18:00 - 26:00
  Vegi. dishes
  O.K. local pk.

Type: Izakaya | Vegetarian | Lively  (Qjmp: 5006)

... A good pig-out for 2 hungry people with 2 or 3 drinks will cost about 5000yen...
Review by Staff

'Buki-cho', the name means "all thumbs" but the staff are anything but! This place is a real find with a friendly atmosphere and delicious, reasonably priced food.
Four tables that can be joined together for parties and nine counter-seats ensure that it almost always has a lively crowd. The service is good and the food standard high with a wide selection of Izakaya-type food that also provides plenty for vegetarians. For yaki-tori lovers there is veg. on sticks, (especially recommended are the shiitake mushrooms which are fab!); various meats on sticks, and fancier items, for example quails eggs rolled in bacon on sticks.

Also offered are 4 different Tofu dishes, 4 yama-imo (mountain potato) dishes, a selection of baked or sauteed meat, fish or vegetable dishes, champon noodles, beef or pumpkin croquets, as well as a daily menu that changes depending on the fresh fish or seafood bought from the market that morning. Tempura, ocha-zuke (rice in green-tea), sashimi... I could go on! Try it yourself!

Beers are ?00, chu-his 350yen and they have a great selection of sho-chu and sake, including locally brewed varieties. A good pig-out for 2 hungry people with 2 or 3 drinks will cost you about 5000yen. With these flavours and this price, it's a hard place to beat!

Limited parking outside and on the pavement opposite

About 10 minutes walk from Nishijin subway stn. down route 263 ,Sawara-gaido Avenue. (This is the street with the crossroads at the 202 end that leads to Seinan Uni.) Keep going straight and you will see it on the right with a red lantern hanging outside, opposite a car dealership and before you get to the Nico-Mart.

10 min from Nishijin st'n on foot.

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First published Fri Oct 06, 2000
    Updated Mon Jul 23, 2001

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