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Nagahama Ramen

Hard Rock Cafe

(Guide:) I'm here for a day
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Where to go if you are here for only a short time...
... no time to lose then - if it is good local food and an authentic "Fukuoka experience" you want, probably your best best is a yatai, either the everyday variety (scattered around the city but focussed in Tenjin and Nakasu) or the "Nagahama Ramen" variety near the docks.

If you want a safe and tasty "Asian mix" place with good izakaya atmosphere, try somewhere like "Chikyuya" in Sumiyoshi as the owner is widely travelled and speaks some English.

If you can't face the thought of either of the above and just need some AMERICAN FOOD NOW!, try "Hard Rock Cafe" over in Momochi.

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First published Thu Jun 14, 2001
    Updated Mon Jul 23, 2001

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