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Hyaku-yen Izakaya
Type: Izakaya | Value  (Qjmp: 5017)

Ticket based "country cooking" fast food izakaya.

Review by Staff

Hyaku (100) yen shops are all the rage in recession struck Japan - this little izakaya applies the idea to food and serves up some tasty dishes. Buy tickets at 100yen a-piece then "spend" them as you please on servings from a range of wholeome "country cooking" type dishes. This reduces ordering to pointing - great for those with limited language skills who can`t hande the full izakaya experience in all its Hakata dialect glory. It also ensures you know how much you are spending.

The decor is "wood cabin" ish and food is eaten standing over tables made of large slabs of logs. The result is, in effect, a "country cooking" fast food outlet. Food is tasty, nourishing, easy to order and eating can be as social, or (more importantly!) unsocial an experience as you want. Clientele is mainly male, though not oppresively so. Portions are reasonable - 1000yen of tickets will definitely fill you up.

Walk out of the back entrance to Ohashi station (turn right after the barriers) and walk straight on past the 18Bank to Takamiya-dori. Turn left and it is on the corner.

(Omuta line)
3 min from Ohashi st'n on foot.

3 min from Ohashi Eki b'stop on foot.

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First published Sat Sep 09, 2000
    Updated Mon Jul 23, 2001

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