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3-2-18 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
Open:18:00 - 28:00

Pik's Coffee Bar
Type: Value | Western | Theme  (Qjmp: 5027)

Cheap, tasty American Diner, open until 4am.

Review by Nick May

Looking for fish and chips or waffles and coffee until late late late?

The downtown bar area has been crying out for a place like Pik's for years. Not only is it cheap, it serves good portions of tasty food until 4am.

Pik's is modelled on an America Diner and is crammed full of American memorabilia. But it feels "natural" rather than themed and the "American-ness" is not oppressive. It's clean, spacious, bright and comfortable in a very unpretentious way. There are about a dozen tables and a counter area.

The food is amazing value. 300yen for a very reasonable plate of fish and chips? (Note for English purists - no they are not real "from a Rochdale Chippie" chips, but hey, they're not bad) An 8 inch pizza with thick lashings of cheese for 600yen? Strips of bacon, apple pie, waffles? The menu is extensive - all this kind of simple diner fare, but portions throughout are generous, prices are miniscule, service is speedy and English is spoken and understood. Coffee is 150 yen for unlimited refills. The menu is in English. The staff are very friendly.

At 3am, towards the end of a bar crawl when you are feeling kind of peckish, this place is a god-send!

Highly recommended.

Groups of more than 4 people,

Pik's is between Oyafuko-dori and Watanabe Dori. From outside the building that houses Off Broadway and Voodoo Lounge, turn right at the Family Mart. Pik's is on the left.

10 min from Tenjin st'n on foot.

(Omuta line)
10 min from Tenjin st'n on foot.

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First published Mon Jul 23, 2001
    Updated Tue Jul 24, 2001

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dotPik's Coffee Bar
Value | Western | Theme

Cheap, tasty American Diner, open until 4am.
Tenjin, Chuo ku.
(23 Jul '01)

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Kego, Chuo ku.
(28 Jun '01)

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