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Type: Fish | Theme | Izakaya  (Qjmp: 5035)

"Boat in restaurant" fish/izakaya

where IS my lifejacket? 

"Large boat in pool surrounded by fish" conceit makes this an
Sashimi, tempura and beer. 
interesting fish/sashimi/izakaya food restaurant to visit at least once.

From outside it looks more Viking than Japanese, with a live flame burning in the small car park and the prow of the ship glimpsed picturesquely through the large front windows. Inside there is a choice of seating upstairs for larger parties or in the "ship" itself.
this is the sign you are looking for 

If you prefer to be introduced to your food before you launch into your sashimi the menu encourages you to catch your own fish from the ponds surrounding the "boat" (prices are a little lower). A sterling principle in the abstract we feel, though we contented ourselves with just peering slightly drunkenly over the sides as shaols swam past, plotting, we suspected, fishy revolution...

The food is reasonable, if possibly slightly more expensive than your local izakaya. Good for visitors or for the curiosity appeal...

Limited parking in front, otherwise pay parking is a little scarce.

Down Takamiya dori towards Ohashi, take the right turn to Noma just after Takamiya station. The restuarant itself is tucked away on the right side off a little sideroad. But the Zuao sign faces the road and there is a live flame burning outside.

(Omuta line)
5 min from Takamiya st'n by taxi.

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First published Tue May 15, 2001
    Updated Mon Jul 23, 2001

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