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You are in: Fukuoka: Services: Love FM

2-5-35-7F, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

Love FM
Type: TV/Radio  (Qjmp: 16012)

Kyushu International FM
Review by Nick May

(Note: most Japanese stations broadcast in the 76.0 to 90.0 FM band - which few (for example British) non local market receivers can pick up.)

"International Radio Station" is the claim, although "multi-lingual" is perhaps more accurate. Broadcasts in numerous languages on FM76.1 (Fukuoka) and 82.7 (Kitakyushu). Has somewhat patchy signal coverage.

Programme mix: inane chat, plays mix of music but all completely mainstream of whatever stream it is. Some news, all with background beat to save it all getting to heavy - good on gossip of second rate US sports celebrities. Occasionally tries to do "serious" programming, which usually fails as the DJs are, with some honourable exceptions, selected for the fluffy, feathery quality of their brains and their complete inability to conduct an interview.

General target audience: - most of the English spoken is utter drivel, so best appreciated by those with limited English language listening skills or the lobotomised. Discerning listeners (read "desperate") prefer the Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish, Portugese Indonesian or Thai broadcasts as the inanity (if inanity it is) is all safely incomprehensible.

In many ways LoveFM is a status symbol for the city - although merely multi-lingual it adds to Fukuoka's city cred in the "International" department.

Main studio on 7th floor of Z Side shopping complex in central Tenjin. (They do not, alas, broadcast from the "Love Hole" - is there NO justice in this world?)

English traffic reports.

Claimed Listening Area.
Fukuoka Prefecture, Saga Prefecture, parts of Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita and Yamaguchi Prefecture.

7th floor of Z Side, behind Solaria Hotel (adjacent to Fukuoka Train and Bus station)

3 min from Tenjin st'n on foot.

(Omuta line)
3 min from Tenjin st'n on foot.

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First published Wed Aug 23, 2000
    Updated Wed Jul 04, 2001

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