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NHK Fukuoka
Type: TV/Radio  (Qjmp: 16009)

Local studios of licence funded national broadcaster

Information by Staff

Stodge stodge stodge stodge, stodge stodge stodge stodge... Sunday afternoons on NHK are a wasteland on the scale of Eliot. (T.S).

In addition to two terrestrial channels NHK also transmit on two satellite channels known as "BS". (Yes, they are really called that, and no, we have no further comment...) which offer vaguely decent programs from the BBC, amongst others, during the day.

Sunday night? - well - Sunday night is ENKA night! - Japanese "faux folk songs" belted out as melodramatically as possible. Amazing voices make for compulsive viewing - seriously.

English language simultaneous interpretation of main evening news - though not always by competent interpreters. Other news programmes aimed purely at foreigners have a slight "propoganda" feel to them....

Complete with self important helicopter landing pad.

However, it's a local landmark.


The radio service on FM 84.8 is halfway decent - an evening concert, sensible news and a surprisingly eclectic mix of music. ("And now", the announcer's voice will solemnly intone in best BBC Radio 3 cadences, "for some late 1970's American College Punk Rock from Soddy and the Snotgobblers".) The classical stuff tends to be rather safe "Best of Classic" (easy Bach, Wagner highlights, Tchaikovsky, Mozart) which gets tiresome.

But relatively sane.

The the south of Ohori park - walk across the park in the general direction of Fukuoka Art Museum and you will see it looming ahead...

15 min from Ohori-koen st'n on foot.

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First published Wed Aug 23, 2000
    Updated Wed Jul 04, 2001

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