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IMS 8F, 1-7-11 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
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Rainbow Plaza
Type: Support/Assist | Libraries | Noticeboard  (Qjmp: 16005)

Provides information and some assistance to foreign visitor/residents.

Information by Nick May

Rainbow Plaza is operated by the Fukuoka International Association, a city government sponsored body, to provide, amongst other duties, assistance to foreigners.

It has a small library of English and other language books. It also publishes several books of its own, including the excellent "Living in Fukuoka" and a free monthly magazine "Rainbow". It also coordinates free counselling, legal and other services for foreigners. In general it is a good place to start if you are seeking information from the city government although its self-imposed limitations can sometimes be galling. They have numerous leaflets. Fukuoka International Association also runs a homestay and home visit program.

Of particular interest to foreigners are the noticeboards operated by Rainbow Plaza. Through them you can advertise for students or teachers, buy and sell second hand goods (as long as they relate to daily living) and even meet "study partners"... Again, the restrictions can sometimes be galling.

If you should visit Rainbow Plaza, we urge you very strongly to be courteous to the staff. At the same time, Rainbow Plaza is one of the "international faces" of the city and we feel sure that they would be delighted to hear your politely expressed opinions of the services they offer.

6th Floor of the IMS building (stumpy 15 story yellow/gold building in Central Tenjin.)

5 min from Tenjin st'n on foot.

(Omuta line)
3 min from Tenjin st'n on foot.

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First published Thu Aug 31, 2000
    Updated Tue Jul 03, 2001

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