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Bic Camera
Type: Electrical | Computer

Good prices, but undertrained staff, particularly at weekends.

We have mixed feelings about BIC Camera.


1) They are convenient - slap bang in the center of the city.
2) they are fairly cheap and offer a further 10~15% rebate on their loyalty card.


Dealing with them is sometime a profoundly frustrating experience. The ratio of "Saturday Imbeciles" to fully trained staff seems rather higher than it should be. In practice this means that they don't always know what they are doing and do not give good advice.

An example: we bought a computer - a Mac, and ordered some extra memory. We asked them to insert it. They did. But they had sold us the wrong memory... And then they had the cheek to argue about it. Not, alas, a unique experience - other foreigners have similar tales of woe....

But we continue to shop there - despite leaving the store in a flaming rage after one or other piece of idiocy on several occasions - as they are reasonably priced and the extra 15% discount they give is useful.

5 min from Tenjin st'n on foot.

(Omuta line)
5 min from Tenjin st'n on foot.

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First published Mon Aug 28, 2000
    Updated Thu Dec 08, 2005

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