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Airport to City  (Qjmp: 18004)

Airport to City and Transit


Passengers in transit to domestic flights or people wishing to take the
Shuttle Bus 
subway into Fukuoka should take the free shuttlebus from outside the International Terminal to the Domestic Terminals.

It runs every 15/20 minutes or so from immediately outside the International Terminal on the ground floor between the hours of 7am and 9:40 pm.

Journey time is about 12 minutes. It usually stops at the cargo terminal on the way, make sure you get off at the terminus. The shuttlebus has wheelchair access.

From there the Domestic Terminals and the subway entrances are clearly marked.

NOTE: The link between the new International Terminal and Domestic Terminals at Fukuoka airport is widely considered to be inadequate. For those foreigners who live in the city, the building of the International Terminal has increased the desirability of Kansai airport as a transit point as this brings one to Fukuoka on a domestic flight. However city bus, taxi and road connections to the International Terminal are excellent.

By Subway

Fares into the city are 250yen. Journey times to Hakata station are about 5 minutes, to Tenjin about 11 minutes. We do not recommend the subway if you have a lot of bags. The subway is no-smoking, buy your tickets at the machines outside the tickets gates. The machines take coins or 1000yen notes.

For more information on using the subway, including a detailed guide and printable subway map, see our subway guide in the "getting around" section

Car access

Car access to both Domestic and International terminals is good. The Urban Expressway (pay) has an entry point close by, which leads on to the Kyushu Expressway (pay) for access to the high speed national expressway network.

For more information on using the urban expressway see our "getting around" section.


Taxis cost around 1250 yen (about $14 US) to Hakata Station and 1800 yen to Tenjin. Journey times to the downtown area ranges from 15 to 30 minutes. Both depend on traffic, weather conditions and destination. Do not assume your taxi driver will speak fluent English, carry the address in Japanese if possible, or speak slowly and clearly. Taxis are legally obliged to take you, no matter how close your destination. Do not tip the driver and do NOT open and close the passenger-side door yourself, you will damage the automatic mechanism.

For more information on using taxis, see our "getting around" section.


There are regular buses into the city that leave from outside the international terminal on the ground floor.

For more information on buses see our "getting around" section.


Most roadsigns and streetsigns in the city are bilingual Japanese and English. However, only major roads have names.

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