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Money  (Qjmp: 18008)

The yen is the basic unit of currency, all other units are expressed in terms of it. The coins in circulation are the 1 yen, the 5 yen, the 10 yen, the 50 yen, the 100 yen and the 500yen. Notes are the 1,000yen note, the recently introduced 2,000 yen note, the 5000 yen note and the 10,000 yen note.

Japanese notes carry pictures of writers and nobel prize winners. If you must pay for goods or services it is generally polite to present clean (or new) notes head first, head up. Do not present crumpled notes, it is considered very rude. Money is generally given in clean white envelopes.

The yen is the ONLY currency accepted in Japan. Dollars and travellers cheques are NOT accepted as payment for goods or services.

Changing Money
Money may be changed at the airport
Airport 2nd Floor 
There is a branch of "Fukuoka Bank" on the 2nd floor (arrivals are on the 1st floor) and there is a machine on the 1st floor. (Note, Japan follows American English in designating the ground floor as the 1st floor).

You may also change dollars into yen at many branches of banks thoughout the city. However, changing money from/to other currencies can be done only at larger banks.

Travellers cheques
Travellers cheques must generally be cashed at banks - expect the procedure to take a little time, 20 minutes to half an hour is not uncommon.

Money transfers
Two common methods to transfer money out of Japan are via postoffice and bank transfers.

Post office transfer: (main post ofices only) costs 1000 yen for sums up to 100,000 yen, and takes between 5 to 10 days to Europe or the US. You require a passport or foreign registration card. It is not possible to use this method to transfer money into a bank, it has to be to a named individual. The forms have English explanations and some post office staff speak adequate English.

Bank transfers: Many banks allow bank transfers, for convenience, cost and ease of transfer, we use Tokyo/Mistubishi in Tenjin. Costs are around 4000yen or so, it takes about 4 days to England. Again, forms are in English and you shoould takje your gaijin card or passport.

Tax free shopping
Larger electrical stores have duty free shopping sections.

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