Issue 49 Posted May 10th


Stone Weights form an old fashioned Sake Press at a local distillery..


Mushi Mushi! - Musashimaru wins the Kyushu meet..

    Gleaner Issue 47 - November 1996
    will be posted Soon

  • City Snippets - Gay Halloween Party
  • Local News: November
  • Feature: "Down the Pan" Sewage Works? - Fukuoka and
  • the Bay.
  • Your Letters on Leuers.
  • Bucky: To Marry!
  • Gossip:The Countess Maud - Nagoya
  • Saga Snippets.
  • Food Gleaner: Big Ben - Chikuya.
  • Working for Japanese Radio
  • Leuers on - "Japanese Men"
  • Rock: Demi Semi Quavers.
  • Recent Movie Releases - Trey Burley.
  • How not to be eaten by a duck..


Down the Pan - Sewage and the Bay


Kyushu's Unbeatable Subculture! - Fingering the Hotspots!


Trey Burley: Running the Yamagasa.. !

The Caption Reads:
What a Nice Man. Inviting me to the Gleaner 2nd anniversary celebration.
But what IS a "neko zushi" party ?!

Issues 1 to 42 will be posted over the coming months.

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